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Program History

In the late '90s, New York State pursued Special Needs Plans (SNPs). SNPs were created as part of the state's effort to provide managed care to the behavioral health population.

In response to the development of SNPs, several counties founded regional consortia (so that they might bid to be a SNP). There was a central state consortium and a western state consortium. Although the state legislature failed to reauthorize the SNP initiative, the western state consortium continued.

In 2000, the western consortium, joined by some members of the central consortium, became the Western New York Care Coordination Program (WNYCCP).

Staff was hired in July 2002, and that also was the date of first enrollment of clients in some counties.

In 2009, NYCCP expanded its efforts to develop managed local/regional systems of care for delivery of behavioral health services and coordination of physical and behavioral health services for people with serious mental illness by contracting with Beacon Health Strategies, LLC.

In 2010, Westchester County joined the original six-county consortium dedicated to transforming services for adults with severe behavioral health conditions, so we have changed our name to New York Care Coordination Program.

In 2011, NYCCP incorporated and was awarded to be the Behavioral Health Organization for the western region in New York State.

In 2012, NYCCP was approved to provide Health Homes across 21 counties in Western New York.